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About us

        Dongguan ShengJie Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of automatic wire labeling automation equipment, has a set of advanced production equipment and professional and scientific research team, in the independent innovation and profits from the domestic and foreign advanced based, and constantly develop new products, a number of core technologies with the international advanced level and equipment, a variety of products applied for national patents, and to "high quality and low price" business approach to open up the market. Top Qiao company with advanced technology and rich experience in the industry to meet the requirements of different customers, professional sales engineer for your proposed affordable program of automation equipment, the establishment of R & D center and independent operation, in terms of non-standard equipment and professional equipment development for the development of the company growth provides a strong technical support. Excellent automation equipment to provide customers with excellent cost-effective products.

The top pretty purpose

Automation has improved people's quality of life and work, so that people from the complex work out of. To engage in creative work. With the development and improvement of the automation field, people's life and work is becoming more and more beautiful. The company is committed to the cause of automatic top qiao. Let life and work better, is the purpose of the company is top Qiao Qiao, top people diligently pursuit.

Ding Qiao vision

Pay attention to the characteristic, harmonious development, top Qiao Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. will grow as China's first-class industrial automation equipment and system integrators.

Management policy

Take the customer as the center, take the market as the guidance, take the management as the method, take the technology as the foundation, under the premise of striving for the reasonable profit, pursue the maximization of the company growth.


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AddLiuWuZhou Industrial Zone,Shijie Town,Dongguan
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